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Houserules and Deposit


Apartment: please treat your rented apartment with care, like it is your own. If you cause any damage please inform us as soon as possible. If we notice any damage after you have left, we will take this from your deposit.

Smoking: is NOT ALLOWED in the apartment and in General Areas. If the fire Alarm is set off in case of smoking or carelessness and the fire department is alerted, we will charge you for the costs, which are approximately € 500,-.

Please don´t enter the apartment with ski shoes. You can store your ski´s, shoes and other related equipment in the ski basement.

Equipment: use equipment with care. If you are not sure how to use it, please ask us for help.

Garbage: please leave your garbage in the bin, separated as pointed out.

Pets are not allowed!

Nighttime: out of respect for the local people and your fellow vacationers please be quiet between 10:00 pm and 07:00 am. We do not tolerate noise and other forms of disturbance.

Check Out: please leave the apartment without any garbage, dirty dishes and damage. If not, we have to charge extra costs. Check Out is till 10:00 am.


Deposit: The deposit (€300,-) will be returned after your departure at if nothing is damaged. This can take three to five days. If we notice any damage after your departure, this will be taken out of your deposit. That is why it is very important that any damage is reported to us. Please make sure to provide your deposit with the deposit number we have provided so we can return this faster.

Mountain Lodge Leogang Logo

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